Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oversensitive m3

I am sitting in my room now try to figure out am i too sensitive or not.. sigh.. or i am thinking too much.. sumtimes i lock up myself in my room n then i try to think tat i have no frens.. sumtimes my fren ask to go here n there i decline n start to feel lonely... weird rit??
Liying say i din try to feel other's feeling.. isit true?? Am i tat selfish?? When there r too many voices in my mind, i cant make a corect desicion.. i am hesitating.. hesitate when my fren met sum prob.. shud i help?? or shud i jz do my own thing?? i jz cant be normal me..
So now.. i feel that i dun have any real fren.. What does fren actualy mean?? I have no idea.. i am trying to b good n to be natural but mayb ppl thing tat i am fake.. ( see how much i think in my mind)...
Or mayb i am expecting too much from my fren.. aiks.. i have to stop my mind of thinking all this nonsense..
mayb i shud learn how to b to live alone n b a lone ranger i think.. Liying say i have a pampered life b4 so now i am still acting like a kid... hmm.. she is right but i am also trying to change.. trying to b mature..
Like wad saek said to me.. chnages are always around, i jz have to open my heart to adapt it.. sounds easy but i duno i can do it or not..
am i too sensitive or wad?? when i c ppl can gathered around talking or laughing around i start to think a lot.. how many ppl can understand my feeling??