Friday, July 11, 2008

Weird Fe3lings

I never try this before but it really make me feel weird... i spoke sumthings incredible out but then i feel is wrong to say it.. Am i responsible on what i said?? Does it mean anything for you??
Actually that is nothing but a sense of sudden.. After i spoke out,i start to confuse... Is this what i want?? haizz...
Believing me is a fault,maybe you should defense more.. People around me doubt me a lot but i am not sure that are you one of them or not...
Exam come = trouble coming.. I hate this kind of feeling but i have to face it again n again.. I not sure that i handle it well or not but at least it wont bother me anymore...
A lot to say but a lot to keep too... Did u understand what am i talking?? Neither me understand what i written above...
As me grow mature,it means we are handling more n more stuff... No mater how we handle it,it is a process of growing..
I will handle my stuff carefully,especially me feelingss.. I will never overspilt it.. But please forgive me if i let my feelings to control me.. Control my behaviour...
I need forgiveness from u all but y i cant forgive myself??
Weird right?? If u didnt feel weird now,that means you are really a weird person... Wakakaz


¥ JeaNie ¥ said...

hihi..nice to meet u..^^
can we be friend??
i am from taiping..